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We provide analysis and design

The importance of managing heat in today's high-tech products is widely understood, but few would-be innovaters have the skill and expertise to deal with that aspect of development on their own.


At Cooling Solutions we're all about your product development. We partner with you in the development of your high-tech products - resulting in improved reliability, reduced cost and reduced time to market. Most importantly, our friendly service will give you peace of mind that you won't get any nasty heat-related issues with your product later in development.

Cooling Solutions uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and computer aided-design (CAD) software to add value to your products. We specialize in thermal management, electronics cooling and electronics enclosure design.

Applying analysis takes the guesswork out of thermal design, saves valuable time and reduces the chance of a costly board spin due to thermal issues. In short, for high-tech products, let's get to work..

We can provide a total design solution or just the enabling analysis that you need.

Cooling Solutions

We have worked in the high-tech industry for over 25 years, with experience working for high-tech companies like NEC America, NAT Steel, Tait Electronics, PowerWAN, Phitek, CellOS, Aarn Design, Vega, LinkEight and iZon.

​Thermal analysis has been an afterthought for way too long. Our mission is to put an end to that. Cooling Solutions was started in 2012 to enhance the engineering capacity of high-tech companies that do not have a thermal engineer, do not have CFD software or need help with product realization.

Cooling Solutions

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